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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

For quite a long time I was planning to make an article series based on impact of Film in social practices. It is very important for me to have a perspective to attain any certain expression, this same perspective for all this time has been like scrambled pieces of a puzzle hanging around became extremely difficult for me to stitch them together.This time I found little courage mapping them and hopefully find some denotation for all this ruckus.

In this I wanted to explore certain topics regarding FILM, MOVIE AND CINEMA (quite funny as we all think and use them interchangeably with similar sense but all of them has completely different meanings, which we will discuss). I derived to all this with some research and observation to attain certain sense of opinion. In considering everyone I wanted to keep this simple, straight, and hopefully understandable to the reader.If you find anything senseless, inappropriate, or even commendable for that matter feel free to reach me. thanks.

We all have some very distinctive thoughts and meanings towards any particular thing. A great deal of misunderstandings happen for the same reason. So, to avoid such misdeeds we first come to common grounds.

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY ART?, both intriguing and dumb, this question has the equal share of both. Art can be referred to a system containing any expression and a medium to communicate that expression. The only purpose of any art form is to channelise information from one point to another in its own unique way, communication. Language is an art, it helps us communicate our ideas, thoughts, emotions and imaginations. Language achieves this both visually and phonetically. Words are just sounds and scribbles if they don't mean anything. You can articulate whatever I have scribbled is beacuse every word has a specific meaning to it. The very meaning is what the scribble(word) serves. If i take away the meaning, the words appear like scribblings and the sounds become gibberish. Let's dwell into a simpler example, we all have water carrying pipelines to our houses and offices. These pipelines could be made of plastic, copper, iron or whatever based upon the richness and various other factors like length, diameter, fitting determine the prominence of water coming to our houses, but what if there is no water available. The point of which material, dimensions everything becomes meaningless. So, no matter how rich or significant the pineline is, it should always serve water, it can never be superior to water, it acts like a slave. This doesn't mean the medium is insignificant, it has a tremendous level of importance .

Art has its base in everything, nothing on this planet is devoid of art. Any corporate sector or an industry or any business thrives on art, from its logo design to its production to its marketing there are whole bunch of art forms involved. A small design to represent, a logo, quite a huge amount of money is spent on it. One of the oldest car company "PEUGEOT" corresponds its first logo as a lion walking on an arrow. The arrow itself suggests the forward motion and the lion suggests strength, power and stability. Peugeot expression mean their car's power. While Peugeot's logo is more a symbol of pride, Mercedes Benz logo "the three point star" is more a representation of a personal memory or personal emotion. Gottlieb Daimler, The collaborator of Benz automobiles, he used to write post cards to his wife pointing out his work place with a similar star. If the purpose of any logo design is just to represent their company, any logo would do but they don't mean anything, the meanings behind the logos gives them purpose, an expression (The design of a car is merely an art more an ergonomic, that's why every car is of the same design fundamentally). The Ferraris are very clear with their logos, that their cars will only be fast, that they only manufacture sports cars. Similarly Art is used everywhere, We see art slid into communities, organisations, religions or any social formation(Many we will discuss). Its involvement is incomparable.

There are many arts such as drawing, painting, singing, music, dancing, poetry.......etc, all these have evolved for centuries prevailing as beauties. One art that came to existence in the late 19th century, people at that time never imagined that it would seep into everywhere, tremble the entire world.But, was it originally developed as art?, NO.

IN 1896, French brothers Auguste Lumiere and Louis Lumiere popularly known as Lumiere brothers, invented the first projector of moving images. But before getting into that we need to distinguish FILM, MOVIE AND CINEMA. Film, unlike what we refer to, is a photo chemical thin strip or sheet which is light sensitive, used for storage. Film, as a physical form( From now on that's what we refer to when we say FILM) was invented not to tell anything but just to store image or a frame. Its more a science than art, Invention of film is for scientific purpose. Thomas A Edison before Lumiere brothers invented a device of moving images its called Kinetoscope. Unlike Lumiere brother's device, kinetoscope was only for a single person viewer. His device was hailed by many people.

Lumiere brothers were the pioneers of first mass projection of moving images called movie, A movie is nothing but a series of photos put together of one event, these photos when run immediately after another creates an illusion of realtime movement. Lumiere brothers produced movies like workers leaving their factories, the famous train leaving the platform, they also filmed themselves with their families, But these movies were never considered Art forms they are more a recordings. They don't serve any purpose of expression. Both Thomas Alva Edison and Lumiere brothers became very excited about the scientific outcomes of their discoveries . Edison intention was to have a more domestic documentation. However later on it took a great turn for the next 15 years. Thomas Edison slowly started feeling embarrassed and threatened to leave the industry for the way his greatest invention was received as an amusement circus trait. From then on movies became commercial industry, they never looked back giving birth to something a great phenomenon called Cinema, one of the most complex and sophisticated art forms took its inception. Unlike FILM and MOVIE( MOVING IMAGES), Cinema became art.

In the continuation, we will explore in detail the history of cinema for a very little while and then jump into the topic "Film as social practice".

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